What NDIS Registered Speech Pathologists Do

Our SPA and NDIS registered Speech Therapists work with participants who have been identified as having communication and swallowing difficulties. Communication difficulties may be due to physiological, neurological or psychological difficulties. Our speech pathologists are trained and experienced in the identification, diagnosis and treatment of such conditions.

Working with participants to assist them with speech, voice, fluency, understanding and using language, reading and writing, as well as breath based components they aim to increase the participant’s ability to communicate more clearly.

Our NDIS Speech Therapists also assess and treat swallowing difficulties (dysphagia), which is often associated with certain acute, chronic and degenerative conditions.

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Common Conditions

  • Developmental delays

  • Stroke

  • Brain injury

  • Learning and Intellectual disability

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Dementia

  • Hearing loss

This list is not exhaustive, and it may be better to get in touch with our Speech Pathology team to ask how they might be able to help.

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  • Apraxia of speech (an inability to express intended speech)

  • Stuttering and Stammering

  • Dysarthria (slow, slurred and laboured speech)

  • Lisping

  • Spasmodic dysphonia (involuntary vocal chord movement)

  • Cluttering (jumbled speech)

  • Muteness

  • Aphasia (damage to language regions of the brain)

  • Speech Delay

  • Autism

Please note that our clinicians are not just available to ‘treat’ the above conditions, but also to diagnose and offer better understand into what may be causing the participant’s speech impairment.


The NDIS is only available to those under the age of 65, who have an assessed and diagnosed disability that affects their ability to take part in everyday activities.

A good place to start is the NDIS Access Checklist, which can be accessed by clicking here. Alternatively, you can call the NDIS directly on 1800 800 110 or visit the NDIS website by clicking here.

Also, explore the links provided on the side-bar.

Book An NDIS Registered Speech Pathologist

Once NDIS approved, most participants will work with an NDIS Planner and/or Local Area Coordinator to develop a support plan. Each participant develops an individualised plan that identifies the specific outcomes they wish to achieve, the disability supports that will be funded by the NDIS and other supports they require; often an occupational therapy assessment (click here) can aid in this process of identifying needs.

The NDIS is unique in that participants are now given choice and control over the supports that they receive. If funding for “Improved Daily Living” is included in the plan, then this often means that Speech Pathology is covered. The next step is to speak with My Care Provider to book an appointment.

Get In Touch

If you would like to discuss needs with one of our local NDIS registered speech pathologists then please get in touch by calling 1300 998 774 or emailing info@mycareprovider.com.au

Alternatively, you can complete the below application form and we will get back to you within 24hours.

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